The Event

Having seen the information overload of the modern MBA course, Richard Reeves and John Knell focus on its genuinely useful elements.

The 80 Minute MBA covers the following modules:

Lessons in Leadership 

One of the first elements that The 80 Minute MBA approaches is leadershipThe 80 Minute MBA addresses Jim Collins' five types of knowledge for successful leadership.

Where the organisation is going.

Great leaders have a great sense of direction for their companies, and the courage to drive through radical changes.

How people feel.

“If you don’t know the emotional temperature of your organisation, you really are in trouble,” Reeves explains. Businesses often fail because the leader becomes detached from the mood of the organisation.


What’s going on?

"One of the most unhelpful things that’s happened in business scholarship over the last 20 years is the separation of leadership and management” Reeves argues. “Great leaders manage as well...they look at management information, they know what’s happening to cash flow, they don’t take their hands off.”

How to build great teams.

Research shows the most successful leaders are those who know how to build great teams. Often, they’ll assemble the right people first, then decide where to go.


One of the best predictors of failure for a leader is that “they consistently overrate their own performance versus the rating given to them by peers and colleagues,” Reeves says. “So if you think you’re much better than the people who work for you, you’re terrible.”

The Five Cs

Traditionally, MBAs learn about the four Ps: product, place, promotion and price. But today they should really be learning about the four Cs: conversation, customisation, community, content and co-creation.


Often overlooked, sustainability is a core issue for today's business and The 80 Minute MBA gives it the coverage it deserves. 

If you’re wondering who in business should care about rising sea levels then consider the world’s leading hotel chains. Their boards are becoming increasingly worried about the long-term value of beachfront property. The knock-on implications for insurance companies are obvious, and for banks with significant investments.


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