The 80 Minute MBA covers the core syllabus of an MBA in just 80 minutes. It is fast, fun and guarantees a hit of high-quality business ideas without spending years at business school. Managers need the encouragement to think differently, not in the same straight lines. It will help inspire your thinking on such key issues as leadership, culture, sustainability and communication.


Cover the core syllabus of an MBA in just 80 minutes


The 80 Minute MBA is London Business Forum event, presented by John Knell and Richard Reeves. Both are internationally acclaimed business authors, speakers, consultants, researchers and former directors of the Work Foundation. Through their own extensive reading, they found that the fundamental elements of the modern MBA can be summarised very quickly, and there is no need for a formal education to put them to practical use. The event features on London Business Forum’s annual programme and can now be delivered in-house at organisations across the UK and worldwide.

If you are interested in The 80 Minute MBA and

would like to make an enquiry please contact:

Brendan Barns


t: 020 7600 4222

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